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    Hello. I have a question that most of you might find silly. I really have no idea about the iCloud and i want to be clear about it.

    Is it possible to send any random file to the iCloud ? For example can i copy a winrar file ?

    What i heard is i can save and store certain file types (like music files,video files etc.) What if i want to send a music file or e-book that i did not purchase from iBooks store or iTunes store? Can i do that ?

    I'm asking this because i'm going to use iCloud and manage files on my PC mostly and i don't want to unpurposely send an virus infected file to iCloud and mess up my storage by infecting it too.

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    May 12, 2011
    Basically, iThe iCloud is similar to hard drive in the cloud that can be accessible globally using devices of daily use such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or PC with the help of Apple's iOS. iCloud will automatically arrange all of the data in the cloud so that any device can access it easily and efficiently. And for all this no synchronization required. You can access your music, songs, documents etc from any of the devices with the help of iCloud.

    But you will need iTunes to setup the iCloud. Read full how to setup iCloud from
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