iCloud Pages in Safari are Completely Distorted

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    Oct 30, 2013
    Can someone please help me fix this? I've looked everywhere but can't find an answer. When I view iCloud in Safari, my Pages documents are completely distorted. I do have Java enabled.

    If I view iCloud web in Chrome browser, my Pages documents are normal.

    My iCloud in Safari has been like this since Mavericks and I did a clean install of Yosemite hoping this would be fixed.

    Can anyone think of anything I can do? Do I need to clear the cache and where would that be?

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    Try that, yeah. Looks fine to me, both on Windows using Chrome, and on Yosemite using Safari.
  3. dmj102, Dec 23, 2014
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    Oct 30, 2013
    For anyone else that may have this problem:

    I called Apple Tech Support today. Here's what happened.

    We created a new user and tested iCloud Pages documents view in Safari. The Pages documents were normal. We went back to my user name and to Finder under User>Library>Preferences>com.Apple.Safari.plist. Moved that file to desktop. Then we tested iCloud Pages in Safari. It was FINALLY fixed. He said I had a corruption in my plist file. So there you go.


    The problem came back an hour later. I was baffled again. It had to be something particular to my settings in Safari. Well, it came to me this morning. After all this, the real reason why my iCloud Pages documents in Safari were distorted. I had my Safari>Preferences>Advanced>Accessibility>Never use font sizes smaller than 18. So I changed it to 10 pt and I logged into my iCloud Pages in Safari and long and behold my documents look normal again. Wow, iCloud Pages in Safari is particularly sensitive to font changes settings in Safari Preferences. All this time I was troubleshooting in the wrong spot.

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