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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by NStocks, Aug 12, 2012.

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    I have a RMBP on it way to me, which of course has ML already installed. I have a question regarding the " on iCloud" (this is probably not the term...

    I've seen in a few videos that when one opens Preview, you are presented with a screen that shows two options; one being the on my mac docs, the oterh is iCloud. Other than accesing and organising the docs on your Mac, how do you see the files on icloud.com? Is there a "new" feature on iCloud.com if you are a ML user? Does the exsisting iWork tab on iCloud.com change to just "documents"?

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    There is currently no way to access files on iCloud.com other than those in iWork apps. Apple is clearly taking the hidden filesystem and app-centric approach (aka dumbing down) so that users (ostensibly) will not be confused.
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    I'm not really sure the point of this... We can't share a link like Dropbox? We can't across the file anywhere other than the mac?
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    Most of us are hoping for on iOS Preview App. Of course it may be iOS7 before it comes.:eek:
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    No one knows why it is the way it is. They should just integrate PDF syncing into iBooks and make text edit for ios. Until that happens (and sharing is possible) ill stick with Dropbox.
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    Um not. You can access PDFs in Preview, and text files in Text Edit.

    But I agree about the app-centricity (good word, BTW): like in iOS, the Preview PDFs you put there (by saving, in what looks like the regular dialog-save box, or by dragging from the Finder into said box) are available ONLY to Preview from the iCloud; it is NOT like Dropbox (but copies of iClouded documents are kept locally in somewhere like the ~/Library/Mobile Documents/yada yads, not a user-friendly spot).

    You can also use that little sharing iOS icon to put the iCloud doc into an email or AirDrop.

    There might be more integration with iOS 6; we'll see. And I suppose if you are on the few that can use iWorks without needing to export or share, and you use iWorks on an iPad, then maybe iCloud makes sense for you. But for the rest of us there's Dropbox or similar utilities: they just work, and are much more versatile.

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    Actually your MBP will probably come with OS X 10.7 Lion. You'll have to use the update program to get ML.

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