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    So I was willing to give iCloud Photo Library a shot but realized it's not the right way to go considering I have all my pictures saved in folders in my Mac and in order for me to upload any of them to iCloud Photo Library I am forced to have them as part of the photos.app library which ends up doubling the space that everything is already taking up(I have roughly 40GB of media and the photos library will take up another 40GB on my SSD as a result of importing them in). I would rather keep my photos stored the way I have them right now. For now I have disabled iCloud Photo Library and have decided just to keep things the way I had them. Is there any way around the 30 day waiting period to delete everything right away just in case in a few days I decide to give it another try?

    Also, my iCloud backups have shrunk in size since turing iCloud Photo Library on from 6 gigs to less than 2, is my camera roll still being backed up? Camera roll is turned on for the backups and iCloud even says my next backup will be 6.3GB but then I run the backup and its only 1.7GB. Is it safe to assume my camera roll is being backed up like it always has been or am I missing a setting somewhere?
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    I am not sure what you mean. But if you are talking about the 30 days after you delete a photo in iCloud Photo Library then you can go into Mac Photos / File / Show Recently Deleted and select Delete All and they do not wait the remainder of the 30 days.

    Regarding importing and doubling the space. Why don't you "move" all of your photos to an External Drive and import them from there? Then you should have a New Photo Library on your main drive which is also a copy of iCloud Photo Library.

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