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Nov 10, 2011
OK. I was waiting for iCloud to "just work" for last 3 years. And my hopes were hight since iCloud Drive announcement at June this year. But it seems, that moving to iCloud Drive really doesn't help anything. Everything is now just as confusing as always. And that same reality applies to iCloud Photo Library. It just doesn't sync the changes. I am sometimes getting feeling that I am probably the only person on earth for which iCloud doesn't work. At least for iCloud Photo Library. Therefore I would like to ask what are your experiences.


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Jun 14, 2008

I turned on iCloud photo and upgraded iCloud drive thinking that I could just place all of my photos on my mac into cloud drive. I was not correct, and for some reason the ability to add albums from my iPhoto on my mac is blocked now with iCloud photo.

Now I understand that this might all still be worked out, and Yosemite hasn't been released, but they should have held everything back until it was all ready.

feels like map gate all over again #icloudphotosucks (kidding)


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Jul 12, 2013
iCloud Photo Library made my want to die.

I enabled it with a 1.7 GB large camera roll with about 500 photos, and I let it sync.

It "finished" syncing, but it said iCloud Photo Library only took up 200 MB and that there were a total of 100 photos. Even if I forced it to update, it wouldn't change and it said the update was complete.

Then I disabled it and deleted it, and couldn't regain the 200 MB for 30 days.




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Apr 27, 2005
Yeah, I had high hopes for this too but I think I'll go back to my OneDrive setup which was working fine with the auto upload. Not quite as seamless as iCloud photo library, but I'll wait for them to work out the kinks first.


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Jun 18, 2014
I gave it a shot and it worked partially, but not like it was supposed to.

I had 1.7 GB of photos on my iPhone (around 1000 pictures). After I turned on iCloud Photo Library, it started uploading them, which worked fine. I selected the optimize phone storage option. Then weird things started happening. First, the option to use iCloud Photo Library completely disappeared from my settings. Then the amount of storage taken up by photos increased to about 2.2 GB instead of going down like it was supposed to. After the photos finished uploading, I checked my iCloud storage and it said that there were 1.7 GB of photos stored in my iCloud Photo Library.

Then I checked my iCloud backup. I had done a backup prior to starting iCloud Photos since it's listed as beta and I didn't want to lose anything. It was 2.4 GB when I backed it up. When I checked it though, it had changed saying that my last backup was only 700 MB (as if the photos had disappeared from it). Also, it said the next backup would now be 4.4 GB as the camera roll (which ironically no longer exists but it still uses that name lol) was now 3.3 GB of files. Eventually, I just turned it all off (the settings option did show back up eventually) and then deleted the old backup and did a new one and everything was back to normal but it was really weird.
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