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    Feb 24, 2013

    My dad got an 8GB 5C, yep its a storage problem.

    He filled this up after 6 months, we have activated iCloud photo library and now all of his photos are the same on his iPad, iMac and iPhone.

    Set to optimise storage on iPad and iPhone with the originals downloaded to the iMac.

    The problem is, the photos that were on the phone before activating iCloud Photo Library and uploading them seem to still be stored on the phone and taking up space.

    When I scroll though the photos the ones that are in iCloud clearly have the cloud logo on them, all the original ones that were taken on the iPhone appear to still be stored locally on the iPhone. How do I delete these from the iPhone?

    Whenever I try to hit delete it says it will be removed from iCloud photo library, instead of just from the phone.

    The only way I can think of sorting this is to reset the iPhone and set it up as new as then all the photos will just appear there as they are in the iCloud library.

    Any other ideas?

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    I had something similar happen to me recently. After iCloud Photo Library was all updated and current, I turned it off. All the photos that were local to the phone stayed on the phone. I just deleted all the local photos, and then turned iCloud Photo Library back on again.

    This seemed to work for me, and is a bit less involved than a complete device reset/reload.


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