iCloud Photo Library Issues

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    1. Photos don't seem to automatically upload from my iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Air unless they are plugged in and charging. Is this expected behavior?

    2. Many older videos do not play on my iPhone or iPad. I get the spinning wheel and they never start playing. The same videos on my Mac Mini play flawlessly every time. More recent videos don't seem to have this problem. Occasionally the problem videos do play on my iPhone and iPad. It's a completely unpredictable mess. Sometimes a restart fixes the issue, other times it does not.

    Is anyone else experiencing frustration with iCloud Photo Library? Has anyone come across any solutions for the problems I described above?

    Thank you.
  2. mmomega macrumors 68030


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    My single point of frustration with iCloud would be with iCloud Photo library.

    The issue would be filling up my iPads completely with photos even after a fresh restore.

    Shortly after signing into iCloud on my iPad it's entire storage will fill up with iCloud photos. So I have to settle for just completely disabling photos.

    I sometimes have issues where my 6+ won't auto upload photos or my Macs aren't pulling the photos. Usually just opening Photos app on the phone will fix this on both ends.

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