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    Hey guys, sooooo many threads here about icloud Photo lib ... seems that Apple is not doing a good job of getting the message out to people to tell how the system works ...

    I have questions myself !!

    1- How do I know at a quick glance if the pics I have just taken with my iphone camera have been uploaded to icloud Photo Lib and have also been Optimized for storage space ?

    2- What is optimized for storage option ? It says that it saves a tumbnail of the photo on the phone ... When I select a photo to look at does it download the full resolution pic everytime and replace the tumbnail version ? If so ... does it convert the pics I have looked at to optimized storage space automatic or after a specific time or action ?

    3- When I send a pic via email ... sms .. or other services does it send the optimized version that saves space on iphone ? or can I chose the size of the pic (small, medium, large ) ?

    4- Do videos also get the optimized treatement when uploaded to icloud Photo Lib ?

    5- When going to iCloud.com and I try to upload photos on the beta version of Photo libr on the web browser ... I always get a message that there was a network connection error .. and I cant upload nothing ... anyone else getting this ?

    Thanks for your feedback guys !!! :)
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    Oct 14, 2007
    wow .. 190 views for this post and no one really knows the answer to how exactly iCloud Photo lib works ?

    I guess Apple Needs to step up the tutorials .... or sites like The Verge, Re/Code need to dig a bit more into it instead of just explaining how to activate iCloud Photo Lib.
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    Nov 4, 2009
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    No one knows but Apple, it's not very clear and very poor from Apple.
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    Oct 14, 2007
    Thanks ... I was afraid of that :(

    How can we trust Apple with our Pictures and memories when nothing is clear about how the service works !!

    In the PR release when you read thru it at first it makes perfect sense ... but when you start using it ... and start to ask yourself some questions about the inner workings of this.

    Like why do I have optimised for storage turned on ... and I still have an insane amount of storage space taken by the Photo app ... I have no way of knowing witch photos have actually been optimized !! Why is that ?
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    Oct 14, 2007
    hummm 300 views later ....
    I guess no one knows how the heck iCloud Photo works and can not answer my 4 questions ....
  6. pbouwen, Nov 25, 2014
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    Hi Aduteau,

    I know the feeling!

    When you go to Settings, iCloud, Photos it says when the last sync happened.
    If you see a timestamp, everything has been synced. If it tells you Uploading .... items, it's still uploading :)

    I have another question!
    When I email a photo from the library, the maximum resolution photo is about 400KB and has a 1280*960 resolution.
    Seems like this is the version that's optimized for iPhone 6, and not the full resolution picture I took with the iPhone.
    Until now, I didn't find a way to access the original resolution photo... Which I really need to print it!

    Any help would be appreciated!
  7. aduteau thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Oct 14, 2007

    Thanks for the reply ! :)
    Didnt see that in the Photo setings that we could see when the last upload was done. thx for that bit of info ! :)

    Still ... it says "Last updated" ... and it says it under the icloud tabs as if it has been "last updated" to upload the pics to iCloud .... and no where is there info to see if all my data has been "Optimized" for my phone ... unless I am missing something ?

    Also do Video files capture with the iPhone get a "Optimized" treatment ?
    I have a feeling that the video files are whats taking space on my phone right now ...

    Lets say I get a lot of video files on my iPhone ... well because I have iCloud Photo Library turned on .... I can never make space on the phone without deleting my iCloud Photo Library file at the same time ?
    Sounds stupid to me ... its as if it forces me to take more space on my Phone

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