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    During the keynote, Jobs mentioned that photos will be kept on the cloud for 30 days and the quote below is from apple's cloud page. Does that mean if I take a pickture its only available on the cloud for 30 days or is the cloud just syncing it to all devices. What happens to a photo I took in January and its now February, will they disappear? Does the favorite shots saved to my camera roll end up on the cloud at all?

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    from how i understand it

    all photos are sent to photo stream upto a max of 1000, and they only stay there for 30 days (icloud and your phone)
    when they sync from cloud to your mac, your mac keeps all of them forever

    you can favourite them, which means they will stay on your phone

    for older pictures that havent been set as favourite, looks like the only way to get them back on is a wired sync as now

    thats how i read this

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