iCloud Photo/Video Sharing alternative?

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    Mar 9, 2016
    I pay for the 200GB iCloud Drive storage, so store almost all of my photos/videos on that. Recently had grandparents die, and when clearing out their stuff found lots of old video footage on betamax of our family in the 80s. So i have converted them to DVD then ripped them onto my Mac and added them to my library. Since on that side of the family i have 8 aunts and uncles and 7 cousins who all have iPhone and iPads i though creating a shared library, dumping them in there and inviting them all would be a great way for them to get access to these old videos.

    How wrong was i, some stupid restriction only allows videos to be a few minutes long in shared libraries, so i keep getting asked to shorten the video.

    Any recommendations as to what i should do to achieve what i want? Basically a shared video/photo library in the cloud thats private, and easy access for everyone else. I don't mind having to pay a small amount i will probably reduce my iCloud account storage 50GB so can make a bit of money back that way to go towards it.
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    The limit is 5 minutes.

    Google Drive? You can send a link invitation to specific people for a folder. But I don't know if they can stream video, or if they have to download it.

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