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  1. Bryan Bowler macrumors 68040

    Sep 27, 2008
    I'm trying to set my parents up with syncing photos between their iMac and MBP. Upgraded to plenty of iCloud storage. Enabled everything and started uploading on Dec 29. Ten days later, it had only uploaded 81 photos and 1 video so I called Apple Support. I remained patient while they made me go though all of the settings again, we logged out and back into iCloud, and we eventually re-loaded the operating system. Yea, doing anything with Apple Support is incredibly painful. (Years ago, they were great.)

    Apple forwarded it on to a Senior Advisor and over the last 3 weeks, the Senior Advisor has not done a darn thing. He just keeps saying he'll get back to me but never does, so I've given up on receiving any support from Apple.

    So it's now been 32 days. It is still uploading, just incredibly slowly. After 32 days of the source iMac never going to sleep and the Photos program running 24/7, we now have 361 photos and 39 videos uploaded. Considering that the library has 6,896 photos (29 GB), I anticipate the upload will complete two years from now in Feb of 2019.

    The ISP is not an issue. Also, it seems to be very random in the sense that sometimes it uploads 15 photos in one day and at other times, we might go 2-3 days with nothing uploading at all.

    I'm frustrated with the situation and even more frustrated with Apple as they don't seem to know what to do nor do they seem very interested. Does anyone have any ideas on a way to fix this and speed things up?
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    M. Gustave

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    Obviously something is wrong, and I'd only be guessing. Could be a format issue, or your videos.

    In the meantime, manually load all your photos via icloud.com.
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    Just been through this, though not as bad as you!

    It took about a week to load approximately 75gb of photos. I spoke to Apple support and they said it could take anywhere up to two weeks and to just let it keep going. It seemed to hang up a number of times and would need to be restarted. Best of luck!

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