iCloud photos on Windows 10


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Apr 9, 2012
So I downloaded the iCloud app from Microsoft store and installed it on my mother in law’s laptop (I’m purely a Mac guy myself, but she definitely isn’t). She has an iPhone and wants to have simple sync between iCloud, iPhone and laptop.
So how does the photo/icloud stuff work on a PC? She got two folders named upload and download within an iCloud photo folder. Documentation says to put the stuff from the PC in the upload and the stuff from her phone will end in the download. But then what? That’s not really synced as I see it. I thought she could have pictures organized in folders in the iCloud photo folder and these will be reflected as albums on her iPhone. Not split into two folders.

Both her pc and iPhone still seems to be syncing, but in classic Apple style I can’t see any details on progress and what way it’s syncing. All I know is that she has a slow internet connection and she has >20 GB of pictures.

EDIT: I can find a lot of guides on how to set it up, but very little on what it actually does and how to use it.


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Jul 11, 2008
iCloud Photos for Windows is 100% trash and DOES NOT work. Don't use it. Uninstall it. I believe this is intentional on Apple's part as it has been like that for YEARS now.
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