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    Is there a way to access your photostreams through the iCloud website? Photostreams in iCloud really feel like two steps forward and one step back in many ways...
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    You can set up a "shared photostream" and make it public then invite yourself. You can then forward the "view on web" url to those with whom you wish to share those photos. I do this a lot. Often I have photos from an event shared on icloud before I even leave the event.

    To me this is much better than the old way of sharing photos via iweb which required me to pay a visit to my Mac to get things set up. I can't remember if photostreams are available through iCloud's web interface but I doubt it. This is clearly something Apple could do better. They really should allow you to log in to iCloud, view your current photostream, create shared photostreams and add and remove pictures from them right in the browser. Flickr allows this. Google+ allows this. While just about every photo sharing service allows full control via the web even on Win XP or OSX 10.4, Apple's iCloud is the only photo sharing service that requires you to use an iThing or a Mac (running Lion or later) to manage your shared photos.

    I should also add that JellyBean actually altered (ruined?) part of the picasa photo experience. On older Android versions, simply logging in got your photos instantly copied to your device. Around the same time, Apple introduced Photostream which pushes all your photos to all your Macs and iThings so Apple took several steps forward while Google took several steps backward. While I like Photostream the best, there is room for improvement for all these services.
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    Shared photo stream and Aperture - memory

    I have just spent days uploading albums (20,000 photos) to I cloud from aperture to share with myself and others. I have just been notified that my start up disc is full. I am assuming that the shared photo streams have duplicated all the photos from the albums in aperture. Is that the case and if so can I get around it??

    Thank you

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