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    iCloud seems like it might have some cool possibilities. My kids have had iPhones for a while now. Does anyone who gets an iPhone automatically get set up with an iCloud account when they register their phone? If not, if you don't have one but do have an iPhone, can you sign up for a free account?
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    It does not happen automatically. Go to the iCloud account section on the iPhone and you can sign up for an account there.
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    Generally No (some Apple stores do in store set up with new owners and in my experience set folks up for this so that at least their contacts are 'backing up' somewhere in cause the owners don't do it to the computer due to lack of computer savvy)

    Yes (sort of).

    The sort of is that for various legal reasons you have to be 13 years of age to have any Apple ID in your name. So your kids might be out of the game on that. Although you could sign up for one in your name on their behalf.

    Keep in mind also that any ID that has ever been set up for use in any Apple system is an Apple ID and thus can be used to log into iCloud. So your iTunes account credentials are technically already an 'iCloud ID' you just need to set it up. Although if your kids are young kids and you are sharing a store account you might not want to use the same one for iCloud if they know the password. Set up a different one for each of you for iCloud, FaceTime and Messages. And make sure you know the kids passwords and have 'find my iphone' turned on so if they misplace their phones you can attempt to track etc them (if they are little kids)
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