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  1. kenny1999, Sep 16, 2014
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    Oct 15, 2012
    hi, I am a newbie to my iPhone 4S. I want to try to backup some data to iCloud now. But I know they only offer 5GB free storage and I know Apple has stored my credit card details with my Apple ID. I 'd like to know, if I exceed 5GB, will they *automatically* charge my credit card or will they always show pop up alert asking for my approval or notification or asking for my Apple ID password etc before charging my credit card first. My worry is that they just charge as I exceed, and I don't know that until my statement arrives. (Note I am in Asia, not the US , will there be any difference?)
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    No they won't auto upgrade you. You will get a warning you are out of space and that's it.
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    thank you

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