iCloud Questions Not Addressed At The Keynote...

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    iCloud Questions Not Addressed At The Keynote...

    • Will iCloud reduce battery life?

    Since iCloud is always ready to back up and access cloud-based contents at any time, the battery may be quite busy. Imagine your iPhone or iPad in your bag constantly transferring image, video and document files back and forth from iCloud.

    For example using DropBox, syncing an app uses quite a bit of battery power.

    I asked an Apple Rep about iCloud's impact on battery life, and he said he didn't know.

    • Will iCloud be the next target of hackers?

    Is iCloud truly secure?

    Apple did not give details about the security measures during the WWDC keynote on Monday.

    Apple has built what could be the world's largest data center in North Carolina, but rumors say it may not be where the company plans to store iCloud user's data. Instead, the company might be planning to handle the data in Time Capsule network. Which is it?

    • Will it work?

    Apple does not call what iCloud does as "syncing," which has been quite tough in personal technology. The version of a file Apple stores on its servers is the definite one, and it will be pushed out to devices when necessary. This is a highly challenging task to move around the data between devices.
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    This is my main concern as well. I love that they're stripping the need to sync with a local iTunes computer but in doing so they're forcing you into using their iCloud service. I'd just like to see what the security protocols for all of this is. Does it work the same as an encrypted iPhone backup on my local computer where what's being loaded to their servers is essentially gibberish without the encryption key stored on my device? If so then how can information be shared between multiple devices since each device has a unique encryption key? I'm not saying I don't trust the service I just like to know how it works and what it's actually doing.

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