iCloud questions: RE Apple ID, @me vs@icloud and GMail

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    As Apple continues to make all of its devices and services increasingly tied together, I'm thinking of bagging GMail and Google Calendars and going whole-hog Apple. (In addition, I'm growing increasingly distrustful of Google's "we'll give it to you free if you let us mine your data to sell ads" business model. Anyway, a couple of quick questions:

    [1] My Apple ID is my GMail address. I have one iCloud address associated with with account. I also have a second iCloud (@me) account that was created at some point. So in iCloud preferences on my Mac, both iCloud accounts show up. I'd like to use my @me iCloud account and get rid of the other which is my current Apple ID. Is this possible?

    [2] Are @mac.com, @me.com, and @icloud.com all equivalent/aliases?

    [3] I currently have 3 GMail addresses (personal, e-commerce, and forums). Can I get additional @icloud.com addresses or does Apple use "aliases" that are the equivelnet of individual accounts?

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    as far as changing your appleId, you should be able to do that rather easily. See here:
    Change your Apple Id

    They should all be equivalent, meaning they go to the same location. I have a .me and a .icloud email and I only set up the .me and they both get activated. I may be mistaken, but I don't think you can separate them into two separate mailboxes if they are both the same name, i.e. johndoe@me.com & johndoe@icloud.com. Maybe someone else can clarify though to be sure.

    You can probably set up different iCloud accounts, but personally i keep my gmail and just forward everything to my iCloud account. When I am emailing friends/family or for personal emails, I use my iCloud account. If i'm registering for something, or adding myself to an email list, I simply use my gmail account (let them handle the spam).
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    For 2), .mac, .me and .icloud emails are essentially aliases, depending on when you created them. I've had my .mac since 2000, since it was iTools, and I can use all three simultaneously. Those that created accounts through the MobileMe era should have a .me and .icloud, and those most recent folks should only have a .icloud. They are full aliases and point to the SAME mailbox.

    3) Apple uses aliases. You can set up to three, I think - they also support "+' addressing, such as "myname+XXX@icloud.com".

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