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    May 25, 2010
    Okay so I've read into everything but I'm still confused about a couple things.

    1) This doesn't back up your files it just allows you to play them from other devices, correct?
    2) I've bought A LOT of CD's and uploaded them at Apple Lossless quality...does this take them to the iCloud at 256kbps? Since I technically ripped them.
    3) If I pay $25 to upload my ripped files to iCloud do I only get to access them for a year? Until I repay another $25 for the next year. Or is it $25 everytime you upload ripped music that is unrecognized to the iCloud?
    4) Say people download pirated music and pay $25 to put them onto the iCloud...could they get in trouble by the RIAA? Will it up pirated music to 256kbps?
    5) I have music from my band and demos and remixes from other bands that won't be recognizable by iTunes...will that $25 convert those?

    I've been on many forums and haven't found answers to those questions.
    I'm an audio freak so I don't want my Apple Lossless/320kbps to be downsized to 256kbps if I'm paying for it.
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    Jun 5, 2007
    1) New iOS backup feature: A smarter way to back up your info.
    You have all sorts of important stuff on your iOS device. iCloud automatically backs it up daily over Wi-Fi. But rather than backing up your information from scratch, iCloud uploads only what you’ve changed. It’s quick and efficient, and it makes Backup like everything else in iCloud: convenient and completely effortless.

    In other words - buy a new iOS device and it ready to go just like your other iOS devices. Also, no PC required...

    3) The music is yours. "iTunes Match" will not continue to work unless you pay the $25 a year

    5) I think Mr. Jobs said that if iTunes didn't recognize your ripped etc music (out of 18,000,000 songs) that any left over would be uploaded in their entirety...
  3. kurzz, Jun 7, 2011
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    May 18, 2007
    Will try to clear this up a bit about iCloud:

    All your purchased iTunes music is available free.

    All your ripped, non-itunes (includes pirated, mixes, demoes, audio mp3, any mp3) will be uploaded for $25 per year. Don't pay next year? Can't re-download those non-itunes files. These uploaded files are not converted - they stay at original bitrate. Only the songs that are not uploaded (matched) are 256kbps. They are probably going to limit this so you can't upload lossless (no answer from Apple yet).

    As with any pirated music, it is illegal to have them hosted by iCloud so technically RIAA can still go after you, but it's a bit less likely with the deals made with Apple to enable this service. (Of course, speaking only for americans here)
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    May 25, 2010
    I thought if I bought a CD and uploaded it and it's recognizable by iTunes that I wouldn't have to pay the $25.

    But if a local band or remix (isn't on iTunes) then that's what you're paying the $25 for?
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    The only stuff that's free is stuff you bought from iTunes.

    To store anything other music you have, you need to have the iTunes Match service. That service is $25 a year. Anything it can match to music in the catalog, you get access to that. Any other music, you have to upload. If you stop paying the $25, you lose access to the service and only have your iTunes purchases available for download.

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