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    For my Safari browser I am replacing Xmarks with iCloud for my syncing. I use Safari on three separate computers and an iPhone. I would like my initial iCloud sync be based on my main computer for the first sync. Hoping it will carry the folder structure over to the browsers on the other devices. After that initial sync, I will like to just have everything Sync like normal. Is there a way to do this or indicate it somehow? I know Xmarks allowed for this and in fact gave you choices how you wanted the sync to be handled.

    Anyone have a solution, advice or recommendation on how to do this? It's greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    It seems to me it always says do you want to MERGE or REPLACE iCloud but not replace your machine whenever you turn the feature on and off. It appears they do not have a third option to replace your machine which is sometimes needed if it is not updating. So if I remember correctly you will first REPLACE iCloud with your first machine and then use MERGE for the others. But then go and clean it up.

    I believe they could improve this.

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