iCloud sharing documents - Lengthy question.

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by kryptekz, Oct 8, 2012.

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    A little background information before I get into the question:

    We are a small landscaping business. We have about 15 iPads currently deployed using iCloud as the work log management. Crew leaders record their reports in a template I created in pages.
    We've had this set up for about a year now, few bumps along the way but everything is smooth so far.

    Originally I had the files managed under all one iCloud account but we had too many duplicate conflicts - total mess. (Yes I know iCloud was never meant for business use but with the way I've set it up, it works great). So now each iPad has their own iCloud account.

    At the end of the day, I go around to each individual iPad and make changes to the work logs, adding more information such as pricing for invoicing or spelling corrections. I then upload my edited version to a WebDav server I set up with the Synology NAS so my book keeper can easily retrieve them for invoicing.

    This all may seem like a strenuous process but it's much more efficient than paper! Handwriting was always an issue for many of my employees.

    Now for my question.

    I recently heard about Moutain Lion adding the feature that you can now edit documents on the Mac and then the changes will reflect over to the iPad. This is great news! As it's quite tedious to go to each individual iPad and edit the documents. Having them all at one place sounds great.

    The only issue is, each iPad has their own iCloud account. That means I need to have 15 users on my Mac and fast user switch into each one to edit the documents. I don't mind having all the users on my computer but is there a way to create shortcuts to these iCloud files to my desktop on the main user?

    For example: Frederic's pages files are shown under his account on my mac. Is it possible to "share," that file (create a shortcut to that folder), to my desktop so I don't have to fast user switch into his account?

    Also I have an employee that reviews the documents as well via the PDF's I upload to the webdav server. I would like him to be able to edit the files so, another possibility is to create a network share of the iCloud files so he can access them on his Mac?

    I don't have Mountain Lion as of yet, I'm just wondering if anyone knows iCloud well enough to answer my question.

    Probably owe someone a beer if they read all of this :D

    Side note: I do know there are probably better solutions out there. Google charges 5 dollars per device and I'm partial to their word processing software. Pages is a very structured, well developed piece of software. For $15 dollars per iPad, I feel i'm getting a bargain. iCloud, tracking and messaging. Also the calendar is heavily used on a day to day basis.

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