iCloud showing reminders for deleted events

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    Apr 4, 2011

    This is really annoying me now. I used to have a daily morning meeting which I had an event set up with two reminders. I no longer work for that company and deleted the calendar. No problem, no more reminders on my Mac. However, now I use iCloud.com regularly and every time I open it, I get these two blooming reminders! If I click on it to view, it goes to the time where the meeting used to be, but there's no event there. If I search calendars, it's not there.

    I've done a spotlight search and there's no event with that name.

    Any ideas on how I can get rid of these two reminders?

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    May 11, 2012
    Allow me to bump this topic, since I'm facing a somewhat familiar issue.

    The other day, I was testing Daily Notes.
    Sync'ed it via iCloud and Reminders, created some tasks then deleted them.
    All seemed fine until a next launch of the app - when two of my deleted tasks popped up again in Daily Notes, but not in Reminders (remember they're all sync'ed and linked). One of these test tasks is now overdue.
    When I log in at icloud dot com, my Reminders app is showing a "1" badge but the (deleted) due task isn't showing up.

    Somehow I get the feeling that these deleted tasks are still stored in my iCloud but only trackable from within Daily Notes, not Reminders. I can delete them again but they will show up on a next sync.

    When I disable iCloud sync / enable Evernote sync instead in Daily Notes, the sync process is flawless. Which is why I narrow it down to an iCloud issue. And this is supported by the numereous complaints about this Apple service I was able to find on the web.

    So, is iCloud really that bad?
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    Apr 4, 2011
    I've just had a fresh look at my issue and managed to solve it - I think.

    I clicked on "Show Declined Events" in the settings on iCloud online and the event appeared, greyed out (presumably because its calendar had been deleted). I couldn't delete the event through a browser, but by doing the same in Calendar on my MBP (View > Show Declined Events), I was able to delete the offending entry.

    Time will tell if it has solved the issue, but I'm hopeful.

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