iCloud storage question


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Nov 25, 2013
So my iCloud says I have 5.0GB of space to use, as I'm guessing everyone is given unless you buy more, but of that 5GB my camera roll says it's taking up 5GB just by itself and my next backup size will be 6.7GB.
So is that accurate for the normal size of a camera roll in iCloud (I have 1,093 pics btw) or is something corrupt?
And also if I choose to uncheck and not back that up what exactly would happen, like would it delete pictures, not automatically add them to my iPhoto photo stream, etc?


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Jul 26, 2013
iCloud photos backup is so confusing... I back up my photos to SkyDrive, Google+, and Flickr :D:D:D It's too easy there, and not so easy with iCloud. With those services, I get full resolution backup, and I can see them on a browser.

With the Google+ iOS app, I can see all the photos I've uploaded in neat albums, and it's just like the camera roll.

Just back it up to a good cloud solution, clean up your Camera Roll, use the cloud to view photos, and just use Camera Roll for recent photos.

I just use iCloud for the settings backup.
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