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Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by AlteMac, Sep 25, 2016.

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    After originally allowing Sierra to use iCloud drive for desktop and documents, two major problems occurred:
    (1) Everything on my desktop and my entire documents folder disappeared from their usual places and actually were moved to iCloud drive. I didn't realize that was going to happen and eat up 48G of my 50g icloud drive allottment. I moved everything back and turned off the feature. However, when opening the Notes app (synced via iCloud), I noticed it was hanging with a spinning icon and Notes stored in Icloud did not appear. However, 40G of files were dumped into the Library in containers/com.apple.notes. I didn't know that untiul I saw the HDD was starting to fill up. I only found tese files via Daisydisk.

    (2) After the Sierra upgrade, my iPhone started running out of space too. First on a 64G iphone 6, there were more than 40G dumped into "dcouments and data", threatening to have me run out of space. On a subsequently bought iPhone 7, all was fine, until I opened Notes, at which point the data and couments starting filling up and occupied nearly 70G! The only solution with the iPhone was to restore the phone from scratch and turn off iCloud sync of Notes there too.

    I am now unable to use Notes across my devices. My temporary fix is to use Evernote. Has anyone seen this and is there a way to stop it from recurring?
  2. graley, Sep 25, 2016
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    Me too. I got a big fright when my documents folder dissapeared from the finder window.
    In the end i turned icloud drive off and selected to retain all files therein. These appeared in an icloud drive archive in finder.,i never went back to iCD. It seems as if you cannot have documents or desktop folders in two places at once.
    You might need not to use a new documents folder called "documents". There seems to another one somewhere on the planet. I called my new one documents f and the dragged
    all files from the archive folder into that.
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    Wait is this real? Desktop files on my Mac counts against the space I have in my phone? Can't I have them set to download the files when trying to open them? I prefer to fill my phone with games, not Mac specific files...

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