Icloud syncing Subscribed calendars

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    Jan 16, 2008
    So I have a dual computer setup, one of which I use as my "Day to Day" machine, and the other strictly for processor intensive composing software.
    Well the first "Day to Day computer" is running Snow Leopard, and My Macbook pro for composing is running Lion, I keep all of my Calendars on my snow leopard machine and have them sync over to my macbook pro via calendar subscription (Not Mobile Me) to the snow leopard machines calendars. However when I go to publish my calendars on my lion macbook pro the subscribed calendars don't show up. I don't want to put my Ical info directly on the macbook Pro I want to keep it on the Snow leopard machine, however there doesn't seem to be any ICloud computability with snow leopard. Any Ideas on How to get this to work?

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