iCloud: There WILL be "paid upgrade" features

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    The current beta iOS 5.0 versions have settings that imply the ability to purchase memory increases in iCloud from the free default 5GB. I suspect Apple wanted the keynote and media coverage to focus on the fact all of iCloud is free and 5GB is plenty without having an asterisk that you can buy more memory. These details are sure to come out as we approach the launch of iCloud, likely in late September, and perhaps MobileMe features like Galleries, iWeb hosting etc. will be "inexpensive" upgrades to the core free functionality of iCloud. We will see.

    Personally I think iDisk is dead, as is iWeb hosting. I think Galleries might have a chance.
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    There is a credible source out of Cupertino suggesting tiered pricing will buy you more storage capacity on iCloud the day it's rolled out to the public.
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    Here is a screenshot of the purchase option

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    Anyone expecting a full system back up capability via time machine such as Dolly Drive (dollydrive)? Obviously at a cost but it would make perfect sense to offer a service... one off hardware sale or on-going subscription...

    Maybe even both... how cool would it be for your time capsule to link up with iCloud for off-site storage! It would also help mitigate any issue with slow upload speed.

    I should add that in the UK data caps (even fair usage policies) are now a thing of the past providing you get the right package/isp... but they are becoming common.
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    Wouldn't that be incredibly slow, uploading hundreds of gigabytes of data and then what happens when you need to do a restore. You'll need to wait to download it. I don't think apple is gearing icloud to be an offline backup provider.
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    Yes but equally it would depend on your broadband speed... thankfully in September I'll be getting an upgrade which includes a 7Mb upload speed.

    I still think the option should be there...
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    Apple hasn't invested all the $$$ in a HUGE data center (with 2 more just like it being added) for nuttin....
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    Yeah but with the archaic state of broadband in the US (Apple's biggest customer base) only a very tiny fraction of the user base has the connection to make such a feature practical. Apple's MO is to satisfy 90% of their users, 90% of the time. In this situation you fall in that 10% and therefore are SOL.

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