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Jun 22, 2012
United Kingdom/France
Hi guys, I have a Bold 9790 an I'm trying to add my iCloud email but, I'm not getting any emails! Can someone help me? And also trying to sync my contacts on my Mac to my BB via BBDesktopManager but when I go in my conatcts folder on the BBDesktopManager App there are no contacts in! How do I import my contacts from my "Contacts" app on my mac to the contacts folder on the BBDesktopManager? Can anyone help me this is really getting on my nerves!



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Mar 3, 2008
No, I can't seem to!

Are you using BES or BIS? Corporate or personal phone? For a personal BB, you go to your carrier page to set up BB email. BB servers log in to your email providers and "pull" email every few seconds and then push it to your BB. You can use the same method you would use to set up email on a computer but you are entering the server address and login information into BB Internet Server or if you are a corporate user, you might not be able to add personal email without your IT guys getting involved but that is rather unusual. Most company BBs offer some easy way to add personal email. They would rather you keep your company phone with you and fetching your personal email is a small price to pay to make you work 24 hours a day.

But in no event can you do it on the phone. If you run the email setup wizard on the phone, what it really does is open a browser window pointing to your BIS (or BES) server to set up email.

iCloud email on a BB. Oh the irony! :D
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