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Sep 19, 2014
So I'm very confused as to what will be happening once Yosemite comes out and the whole iCloud Drive thing really goes into effect. Right now, I have both an iPhone and iPad running ios8 and a late 2011 MBP. Currently, there are A TON of things that I sync through iPhoto on the Mac. I feel like not all parts are ready though I could be mistaken and while I know it's a lot to ask, I've outlined my issues below.

I want to make sure that A) I don't lose stuff and B) I take full advantage of features. Here are some questions I was wondering if anyone (should they have time) could help clarify:

8.0.2 has an option to enable iCloud Photo Library (beta), I am trying to understand how it works before I turn it on...I also have not enabled iCloud Drive because no Yosemite yet...
The description says it will auto-upload the entire iPhoto Library to iCloud so other devices that can access these photos by using the same Apple ID. It also has sub-option to keep original photo or keep optimized photo on the device. So questions:
1. This feature seems to do what Photo Stream does, will new taken photos be auto-sent to iCloud and Photo Stream?
2. Does iCloud Photo Library count iCloud storage? If not already doing this, when will it start?
I have no idea what is going to be happening to photo stream. When will things start to count against my allotted icloud storage? When Yosemite comes, what will I need to do to make sure I bring all the iPhoto stuff with me into icloud?

3. For stuff stored locally on my MBP, will I be able to (when) take all photos stored locally on iPhoto and put them into iCloud for backup? Will this happen automatically?
3. Those albums synced with iTunes, will they be uploaded to iCloud Photo Library, and no longer sync with iTunes? Will they be deleted from devices? Will the iTunes Photo Sync selections be disabled?
4. Here "iPhoto Library" refers to the photo library on devices only, or it includes the Photo Library on computer? My Mac iPhoto/Aperture also signs in the same Apple ID, will those photos on my Mac be auto-uploaded to iCloud?
5. Presently I sync selected photos to devices via iPhoto, if iTunes Sync is disabled after enabled iCloud Photo Library, how can I send selected photos to devices? I guess I won't need to because it will be automatic?

6. Why in the world are the photo streams on my ipad/iphone/mbp all showing different amounts of photos?

7. I also hate how w ios8 on my iPhone 6, there's no distinction between photo stream and locally stored on device. Sometimes I want to take something out of photo stream but keep it on the device and vice versa. Lately, I've had to go to a different device to delete a photo from the stream WHILE STILL KEEPING it on device. If I do it from my phone on a pic taken from my phone, it deletes across the board.


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Apr 27, 2011
A lot of this is unknown since the Yosemite Photos app isn't available yet. You can see some of the changes in the IOS 8 photos app.

Best bet is to hold off any significant changes to your photo library until it all shakes out.
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