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    Aug 13, 2012
    Today I found out I had duplicate calendars on my iPhone (because I synced with iCloud and Mac).*
    So I deleted the Mac calendars from my iPhone 5, but deleted the iCloud calendars (accidentally) too. I logged into my Mac and saw that the calendars were gone already.
    No problem, I'll just restore them from a backup, this gives my calendars back on my iPhone but not on my Mac, which means when the two sync with each other, the calendars disappear again.
    How can I solve this?


    I found how to get them back on my iPhone:
    I restored the back-up, then went quickly to my iCloud settings on my iPhone and turned the option for Calendars off (but kept all the event entries on my iPhone).
    Followed by an iCloud back-up (assuming the calendars would stay on iCloud)
    Turned the calendar option for Calendars back on and synced my iPhone with my Mac.

    Result: the calendars were added to my Mac, but WITHOUT EVENT ENTRIES.
    Going to do an iCloud back-up again to get any better results.

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