iCloud Upload Speeds vs ?

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    Sep 24, 2014
    With the lower rates I am considering upgrading my storage. I have Dropbox and iCloud now, but minimum storage. My large items to upload are ripped music. One more place to have stored. Without them I have no need fro more storage atm. I tested a 1.08gb movie on iCloud and it wouldn't load. Said it can't upload at this time try later. I have a 50gb down and 5gb up internet with TWC.

    I am now doing a test upload on DB. Says 1 hour if it actually completes and the time doesn't change. Is that normal. Since most my movies are 3-4 gb and more, is this even a viable way to store. I currently back up to a Lacie with Time Machine and drag and drop most my files and movies to separate partition on the Lacie. The iCloud would give me something to access through a good LTE connection out of my house. May do a Time Capsule at some point if son gives me his.

    My main question is iCloud or DB gonna be faster with all else being equal. I did have these movies on DB when I still had 50gb free. Lost that and went back to 7.75gb atm. Not really wanting to go to another service other than these two.

    Seems cloud storage is not for speed just more permanent area to keep your files and save space on devices/imacs etc.

    Thanks--Hope this is right section.
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    Sep 24, 2014
    Well I got iOS9 and iCloud app

    uploading seems about the same btwn both cloud storage apps but DB streams and iCloud downloads then plays. that takes too long. May have to try out DB.

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