iCloud uploads, but won't download. Both on web and in iOS apps

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    I am going mad with iCloud and document syncing.

    my iCloud ID is my old MobileMe account name (and is different from my iTunes account that i have bought the Apps on my devices, though I doubt that should matter)

    1.) My iPad, iPhone and using the icloud.com web site can all upload files to the cloud.

    2.) The documents icons are pushed to the other iOS device and a "file" appears with the file name, but just a default icon in icloud.com.

    3) I can not open the file on the device its pushed to(tapping the icon does nothing) and I can not download from iCloud.com. (Though I can still open in on the device of origin)

    3) Other apps that have iCloud document sync function (e.g Good Reader) are behaving the same way!

    yes, all the devices (and my Mac) are logged in with the same iD and PW.

    I've tried truing on and off icloud, both just for the Apps and in total.

    I haven’t deleted the Apps, as it it more than one doing this.
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    Sounds awfully wacky. :p
    Sorry, I had to.

    Anyway, I'd definitely hit up a Genius about it. Sounds like they may need to reset something in your account.

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