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    I'm just curious - if you are an iCloud user, do you use any other cloud services to supplement iCloud?

    Here is what I use -

    I use iCloud for my main email address, calendar, notes, reminders and I also use iCloud Documents to sync my Pages, Numbers and PDF files between my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I use PhotoStream to share photos between my iPhone and iPad, but I do not use it to capture the photos on my Mac (I don't like Mac iPhoto).

    I use DropBox to backup a number of other files. I also use DropBox to upload my pictures from my iPhone to my Mac.

    I have a backup Gmail account to use when I don't want people to use my main iCloud address.

    I use Google Picasa to share photos with my friends and I basically have every photo I've taken since 2000 stored on it.

    I have also been using iCloud Photo Journals to share some recent photos. Waiting to see if this service improves any before moving to it completely from Picasa.

    I use Google Music to store a lot of my music collection (I use it instead of iTunes Match because it is free). I keep very few music files stored on my iPhone, but use the Google Music Player to listen to them.

    Anyone else out there use a combination of cloud services to supplement iCloud?
  2. David Menzel macrumors member

    Apr 1, 2012
    I use the services in a very similar way.

    I use iCloud for my personal emails, calendar, notes, reminders and iCloud Documents to sync my iWork files between my devices. I also use PhotoStream to sync the photos between my iDevices and my Macs (with Aperture).

    I use also DropBox sync a few other files between my devices and tried GoogleDrive to sync and work on some documents with other people at the same time.

    I'm also using Gmail as my second email service for automatic generated stuff like newsletters or as a filter for iCloud.

    I use it iTunes Match because it is the easiest way to have access to all my music on my different devices (no matter where I am).

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