iCloud vs internal storage


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Oct 12, 2014

I have a question, i'm near to the end of the space on my iPhone.

But if i delete a photo on my iPhone, automatically it will be deleted on iCloud? It seem that iCloud Photo is not a real backup but only a specular of the photos that are on every iDevice. Correct?

How to save more space on my iPhone?

The only solution is start to use Google Photo and delte the iphone library after the online backup on Google Photo?



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Apr 12, 2015
Not that much.

I will tell you a nice trick.
There is an option of automatic cache cleaning which sometimes brings you 4GB or something.

Go to the iTunes Store -> Search for the movie "War and Peace" -> click "Rent".
Now it will say that you don't have enough space. Then iOS will start the process and you will see how much space you have after. Some app icons will show "Cleaning..." For a few seconds.

You can do it with any movie but it must be bigger than the free space on your iPhone.
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