iCloud Won't Play Nice With iCal

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    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but, I'm going to ask anyway because I couldn't find any other threads with a similar issue.

    Here's my problem. When I input calendar events in to my iPhone with iCould sync turned on for some reason the times of the events always changes. I've also tried making calendar events from the iCloud website and sure enough when they get pushed down to my iPhone EVERY SINGLE time is incorrect. I never had this problem before iCloud so it is obviously the culprit.

    Now, I realize I could just turn iCloud off and do things the way I used to but, I would really like to take advantage of this since I use iCal for just about everything! Thanks for the help!
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    Time Zone settings

    I had this problem back with MobileMe and I found that the Time Zone settings were not the same on all my devices.

    For example, my iCal was mysteriously set to Eastern while my iPhone was set on Central.

    You might want to check these settings.

    Hope this helped. :confused:

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