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    The Excerpt,

    Needham's Charlie Wolf: What distinguishes iCloud is that it's virtually invisible to the user. As Steve Jobs put it, "it all just works". Synching files with a Mac or PC is now over.

    All documents on a Mac, iPhone, iPad or iTunes-enabled PC are seamlessly uploaded to the cloud—Apple's gigantic server farm in North Carolina—with virtually no user intervention.

    These include data files, applications, music, photos, videos and more. The data are then automatically synched and downloaded to all of the iOS, MacOS and iTunes-enabled devices owned by an individual.

    The Question,

    The scenario above, in a perfect world, may sound quite comprehensive, attractive and convenient.

    The question is, if indeed it's safe, secure, and always up and running, are YOU going to use it?

    If so, what appeals to you?

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    While this all sounds very attractive to the average user, I believe that some "power" users will have an issue with iCloud. That is, if it truly is completely automated.

    My biggest question is in regards to iDisk. I love having a virtual, cloud based HDD mounted in Finder. What is iCloud going to offer? Seeing your iDisk in Finder and being able to access it online on any computer is very convenient. Will iCloud do this?
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    my question on this would be, can we turn it off

    If it does this automatically my ISP would cut me off for over usage

    I prefer selecting files i want to upload, similar to how i do with iDisk
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    Jun 5, 2007
    If indeed they do end iDisk as we know it (I use it heavily) there are other options: Dropbox OR just slap a external drive on your router and password protect it, Both options show up in your finder (in Lion too). Both cheaper and faster then iDisk. - Just some thoughts.... as we move forward....

    I really don't think Apple is done with all of this yet, regarding all the missing functions that MM had.
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    I'll have to wait and see, I use dropbox and that works well enough. I'm not sold on apple's ability to keep my data safe and secure. I'll take a wait and see approach to icloud

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