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    Posted this in the Lion forum but that forum moves so fast I do not think it gives many people a chance to see your post.

    So seeing as I use A Mac Pro I have put it here also.

    Since Lion.

    I posted recently regarding setting window sizes and icons etc only to have them revert back to small windows and jumbled icons.

    I have solved the problem but have no idea why this is happening.

    Also this does not affect all folders in my Home folder.

    So I will use the first folder in my home folder to demonstrate this issue as the issue does affect this.

    Home > Applications

    This contains the Steam games.

    Open this folder, all icons small and jumbled out of any order.

    Set icon size and arrange by Name.

    Close Applications folder, close Home folder.

    Now I download a file to any area any folder.

    Now open Home folder, then open the Applications folder, all icons have now reverted back to small and jumbled.

    Question :- Why is downloading causing this issue.

    Sorry if you read this before, to those that did not, I hope you can help.

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