icon tips..is there an app for that?

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    hey guys.

    i'm in the middle of creating my own folder icons, i've attached a screenshot to show exactly what i want to ask.
    ive been finding images on google that i want to use, some of them like the 'sky' already had that chequered backgroud, meaning no background. so when i created the icon it only has the sky logo - which is how i wanted it.

    now my jailbrake folder (the absinthe logo) has a white background showing..i know i could remove that in photoshop...but i dont have that. ..id just like the logo showing without the white. ..like the music folder, etc as you can see on my pic.

    is there an app on the iphone that can remove the background from the photo file?

    or.. is there a website with logos, images etc already without these 'backgrounds'


    i think what i've said makes sense :rolleyes:

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    I don't know of an app to easily remove it besides photoshop. Just make sure the files you find on the internet are .png as they will allow for a transparent background.

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