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    Jun 29, 2010
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    Hi there.

    I recently jailbroke my iPhone 4 (4.01) and purchased this app. I like it because it contains about 288 different themes "hypothetically" for your system apps and automatically creates icons for (almost all) your other apps currently on your iDevice. Not all of the themes listed in the app are accessible though. I say "hypothetically" because sometimes I get an "Error" or the selected theme takes me to a link that no longer exists to download the theme after trying to Install the theme. Another downside is that most of the themes are not optimized for the iPhone 4's Retina display and will look slightly fuzzy, but looks fine on my iPod Touch 3G.

    My only issue I've had so far is that when I thought I installed a theme, it actually downloaded .rar and zip files of a theme. These files made their home inside Winterboard. I've tried to use DiskAid and iFile, but neither "see" these files.

    If you or anyone have suggestions on how to find and remove these files, please help! The ones I'm trying to remove are: I-Kid By kidaubis.rar, No Name.rar, SCOUR.zip, Circapod V8.rar, Ciceronian.zip, and METRO.zip. I work in the Graphic Design field so I'm not too IT savvy.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I forgot mention this, but after purchasing it for my iPhone 4, I was able to install it on my iPod Touch without having to purchase it again.
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    I was having a similar problem with iCONharvester creating phantom custom themes that could not be deleted. These were based on already installed winterboard themes that IH could not uninstall.

    Even when I deleted the original winterboard theme I still had the "... - customized" theme showing up in winterboard.

    This page lead me to the solution, in a weird way: http://iconharvester.com/repairing-permissions - ah, the location of the iconharvester generated icons! Yes, it looks like IconHarvester is using summerboard not winterboard for its themes. Not sure why, I am new to all of this.

    Using ssh or whatever (even the current version of iPhone Explorer will suffice), you can cd /var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes

    You should find folders for the unpacked themes in that folder you were talking about.

    Delete these folders and files - you may need to delete them individually or recursively if you're using terminal.

    If necessary, use Cydia to update to IconHarvester 2.0.1 You should be able to start over at that point.


    Another problem people might find is that in iOS 4.2.1 the camera and photos icons are acting kinda crazy.

    Inside IconHarvester's preview, they often both default to the sunflower icon.

    Some research lead to me finding that names for both the "Photos" and "Camera" apps having changed.

    via: http://www.pixeldelirious.com/design-tuts/iphone-gui/iphone-theme-changes-required-for-ios-4-2-1/

    So I tried a rename...

    com.apple.mobileslideshow-Camera.png -> com.apple.camera-Icon.png
    com.apple.mobileslideshow-Photos.png -> com.apple.mobileslideshow-Icon.png

    But this did not work. Maybe I did the names wrong. Tried a few different things but eventually gave up for now.

    Considering the amount of work this involved, I guess one could just as easily make their own Winterboard theme and stay away from IconHarvester until the next update. Unfortunately for those who dropped 4.99 on this slick interface, they must continue to be at the whim of :apple:'s continually revolving icon names and remain stuck with the default camera and photos icons.
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    Have things improved at all with iconharvester? If this would work good I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it, but if it doesn't I don't want to waste my money. Whats your experiences with it lately?
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    I'm using IconHarvester right now and I gotta say it works great. Much easier to preview themes rather than going into Cydia and waiting for the endless loading to view the screenshot then moving to the next one. So far, it has themed most of my icons, I'm using Genesis at the moment. Summerboard mode has to be on, but no noticeable battery or memory loss. They mark off which themes are HD to make it easier to figure out which to use for the iP4. Unfortunately, only 8 themes are in HD at the moment though. Hopefully more will be available soon.


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