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    Aug 27, 2010
    I noticed a new app in Cydia called "IconNotifier". It scrolls under an icon that an alert comes in for. If you get new mail, it says "New Mail" scrolling underneath the icon. I thought it was kind of a cool concept so I threw 3 bucks at it.

    It concept, it works great (so far). Except - if you use fakeclockup, the scrolling its way to fast to read and totally defeats the purpose as there is no settings panel in IconNotified to customize andfakeclockup has no "exclude" function.

    For now, I am taking off iconnotifier and sticking with fackclockup b/c it is more useful to me. But I will keep my eye on this program. Hopefully the dev creates a settings funtion to customize a bit.

    Anyone think of any solutions to use both atthe same time??
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    Mods: please delete. This thread is duplicative of the same thread I posted a few minutes ago but thought I didn't submit. Sorry.

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