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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by QSDP-User, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Here are icons available for use in many of this forum's "Post Your …", "Show Your…", etc threads.

    I've got a bunch of icons downloaded from either the ResExcellence website (back in the day)
    or miscellaneous Mac-related designers' websites.
    Icons for use as folders, devices, dock, etc.
    …all in a zip file (7.8 MB).
    The following are images showing what some of the icons look like. They are not links:

    ICONS Collection.jpg
    (I think the "Divider" Icons are for Toolbars or the Dock.)

    A closer examination on a couple examples:

    Folder Icon view

    Folder List view

    DGirl_folder_1.jpg DGirl_folder_2.jpg

    Download from Mega. Yes, slow with PPC browsers, but it works.
    I tested the download link with my Sawtooth (1 GHz) & TenFourFox 45.5.1.
    The last 99% of "decrypting" looks/feels like a freeze/crash with the cpu @ 100%.
    But it will finally give birth to an option prompt.
    I did have NoScript "temporarily allow all this page" if that made any difference.



    If any MacRumors member wants to make the Icon zip downloadable to here from his/her non-Mega cloud storage, no problem.

    PS: I was surfing the Internet Archives' Wayback Machine for old ResExcellence website captures.
    But the user-contributor "Desktop Snaps" sections were mostly missing the images.
    A Google Image search seemed more fruitful:
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    iMac themed icons (6).

    List Folder View
    iMac Generations list view.png

    Icon Folder View
    iMac Generations icon view.png

    Mega link:

    btw, thanks, foxlet
    for taking the time to provide a more user-friendly download for the 1st group of icons.

    Same applies here if any MacRumors member is interested.

    EDIT: btw, In the very first icon collection download,
    the icons of the "Apple_photocons" group show up as plain folders in OSX.
    But when I viewed them while booted in OS 9 they appears as:

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