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    Heres the deal.

    I need some icons for my teccion site. Are there any free icon sites that you know of where I can get some icons (like disc drives, support icons, money icons,) stuff like that. If you look under the "hosting" link, you will see that there is space for icons that used to go there. If it needs be, I might design the icons myself, but what do you need to do that? How easy is it to learn how to use adobe illustrator?

    What would you recommend, and I do not really want to spend any money. Im broke enough as it is...
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    If you are going to be using these icons for web purposes only it's best to design them in Photoshop vs Illustrator. You'll be better results that way. The icons are going to be made of pixels (ex: 32x32 pixels) and that's what Photoshop is based on. Illustrator is vector and going from that to pixels won't produce as 'crisp and exact' results
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    www.xicons.com has tons of really cool icons, mostly folders and computer related but a huge amount to choose from. Just make sure if you're using anything on a website or for commercial purposes that you check the license agreement and contact the designer first!

    Don't Steal Design!


    ps. you can always create icons in illustrator and transfer them to photoshop for web use. It might not be a bad idea to have a vector image incase you want to change or resize it ;)
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    If you did want to create your own icons the best way to go about it is with photoshop. By using the the plugin at http://www.iconfactory.com/iconbuilder.asp you can download it for free and continually use it w/ very few restrictions. I use it to make my icons it kicks. Just click where it says download or try it out for free.

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