Idea for adding values to screen dynamically.

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by RookieAppler, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Hello, I need some help regarding adding a control to UIViewController screen dynamically. So i have a UI Text Field and a button . I enter some value in the text field, then click button .This button should add the entered value to the core data in the backend ,clear the text field and also show it below, the just added value. I mean show user what he just added. I have to do like that suppose 20 times. So i want like a table with 5 rows and 4 values . So how is this possible in iOS ? I am not getting an idea. Please let me know if any of you knows/done this before.Thanks
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    I haven't used them yet, but from my understanding of them, Collection Views will cure what ails you:

    Edit: I just realized why the code examples in the above look so odd... it's because they're using C#/MonoTouch.

    Here's a guide with some examples using Obj-C/Cocoa Touch:

    Here's a tutorial:
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    You will need to break down your question in several parts ^_-
    So you actually got all working, expect the showing data?
    What kind of data do you want? You want a Gridview Controller? (I tend to use Grids alot, because I can modify them the way I want..), these are not standard, but there are GREAT components out there, easy to implement.

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