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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Kingsly, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Okay, here it is. Being that my programing knowledge does not go far beyond automator I will just state my idea. Wouldn't it be possible (and I would imagine very easy) to write a program that is simply an invisible layer for windows to reside in? It would work just like VPC by using a .dmg to store XP except the emulation process would stop at BIOS. Basically one would run the program, it would emulate BIOS and run the XP bootloader, XP would run, all the earth's creatures rejoice.
    Perhaps one could use BOCHS but viciously rip out all of the emulation code? Ultimately it would be cool to (read this on another thread, sorry I cant remember who to quote) hit a Function key and have OSX cube over to XP! I can contribute graphics and host the program on my website. Oh yeah, I contributed the idea too ;)
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    Yeh, as a professional programmer that sounds easy. About an hour say?

    What you suggest is complex, error prone and already available (although not for Intel Macs yet). Check out stuff like Xen and VMWare. These are complex projects that take man years to write.
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    Like I said...

    Perhaps a port?

    guess I'll just have to wait until VPCintel is released...
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    That's basically what VMWare for Windows or Linux does (or Virtual PC for Windows come to that) - except it runs the "guest" OS in a window within your desktop.

    I imagine that Microsoft is hard at work merging Virtual PC for Windows to run on Intel Mac OS X as we speak.

    VMWare (or VPC) for Windows is an invaluable tool for software developers - need to test your software in Windows 95 in 256 colours at 640x480 in Chinese? Just set up a new virtual machine and your "real" OS stays untouched. I can't wait till I can run virtual Windows on OSX.
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