Idea i have i need a scope, time, difficulty from someone smarter and more versed.

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    Ok long title so say my uni group project of 10 is now down to 1(me). Gota love last month drop outs.

    Ok so the skeleton app is up but i am not sure about some of the things i wanted to do for the interface(The backend stuff is easy with rails to get it working and validating etc).

    So lets describe this idea for the main interface and you can tell me if i am daft or not, and hopefully if it can be done some examples and pointers would be lovely.

    Ok the idea:

    The main interface has some buttons along the top these are home, sews chart, medical clerking, fluid charts, prescriptions, and patent info.

    Now each of these has many sub pages, so i looked at how best to work this and submitted we do it as organiser folders which look a lot like the paper based system.

    Hmm i better link to a doodle:

    Ok so what i am trying to achieve is when you click one of the top buttons its folder which is a rails controller will slide into the main view or the ability that if you swipe your finger it will slide though the folders.

    Is this possible?
    What type of timeframe?
    What language(prototype is built into rails but i am flexible)?
    And of course if possible are there any demos i can work from or has someone done this before?

    Now i'll also make clear the grading of this project was on group work now the group is only me so i'll be graded on my individual performance while there was a group, the actual project is more important to me to complete as i believe this training unit is useful though i can quite easily though up something tacky and unusable and pass.

    Oh also for editing text i want to just be able to double tap some text and it changes to a input box with a save button next to it.
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    Jan 30, 2006
    So far i have found something called jquery touch which i am looking into just now.
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    I would recommend jQuery too, though if you're used to Rails then prototype might feel more at home.

    I believe the swiping functionality would only work on Apple products, but I could be mistaken. And that touch plugin does look like it would work.

    I'd probably code the body{overflow-x:hidden} and have the div holding the folders be the draggable thing.(see attached)

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