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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dpavid, Nov 14, 2014.

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    So we just sold the Mid-2010 MacBook Pro and 27" iMac to consolidate to a rMBP as a dual use system for both mobile and desktop. The iMac was my wife's for typical personal use while my MBP was used for simple road warrior work. Presentations, simple Motion Graphics, video editing, office, and desktop publishing. My bread and butter is now Adobe CC so the I'm not cutting it short on the rMBP. Sad part is my workhorse is the 2014 MacPro and the MBP got little to no use. I did push it hard as we do a handful of SDE's (Same Day Edit) for weddings. Mixing AVC-Intra 100 P2 with DSLR and GoPro 2k drone footage in a multi-clip timeline is crucial for this but only about a dozen times per year. That being said, It'll just be sitting at home for my wife to use for email, office, iPhoto and of course... Facebook and Pinterest.

    I've browsed the forums and found many great suggestion and this is what I'm thinking.

    Hengedock - Dock the rMBP for desktop use in cam shell mode. Any others to consider?

    Keyboard/Mouse - My wide hates the trackpad and laptop keyboard at home. Mobile is ok but not to use on a daily basis at a desk. Any other suggestions besides typical Apple keyboard and mouse?

    Extended Display(s) - This is a must. I prefer to use a monitor with Display Port to carry USB to monitor for various reasons. HD is ok, but 2560+ res is better! Probably a dual setup. Anything but Apple Thunderbolt Display. Overpriced and soon to be outdated.

    External Storage - Our iPhoto is over 1TB over the past 14 years of digital photos. We have killer 3.2MB photos from our top of the line Sony DSC camera from 2000. ;)

    Something like this would be ideal. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

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    I wouldn't recommend clamshell mode. Not sure why you would want to not use an extra display area when available, and the retina display is too good to not use.

    I have a pretty similar setup to what you seem to be looking for. I have a USB hub with all peripherals attached. I also have 3 monitors plugged in. When I need to go somewhere, I only have to remove a few cables.

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