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    :apple: Hey everyone,

    First time posting here, long time reader. I just wanted a recommendation about how to go about this home automation setup I've wanted for a long time.

    So here's my existing setup and what I'm looking to accomplish; I've got two airport expresses (old gen and new ten), iMac 27", iPhone 5 and iPad 2. I have a few favorite radio stations in iTunes that I want to be able to play automatically in iTunes before I come into my apartment. I want the station to start from within iTunes because I want to be able to control the volume and tracks from my iPhone through the Remote app. I theoretically want my iPhone to connect to my wireless network, talk to iTunes, play that station, and be done for the day.

    I've talked so some people about it and they suggested having a script run every few seconds to check if my iPhone has joined my network, but it runs the chance of IP addresses changing, or something like that. Then if I disconnect from my wifi for some reason and reconnect, it would start playing music automatically. One thing I thought of would be if the script is run once, wait 12 hours before searching for my phone on the network again.

    This shouldn't be so complicated, right? People who like home automation do this sort of thing, right?

    I know I could leave my music on all day or remotely control my computer and open iTunes and play that station... but this defeats the purpose of home AUTOMATION.

    Thanks ahead of time to everyone who responds!


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    Sometimes it doesn't need to be complicated.

    I come home everyday the same time, I say 95% of the time, so no need to some super intelligence. I set up my furnace's timer 30 minutes before my usual arrival time. Done. Low tech does it.

    For u, OMG. if I really want to do this... Write an IOS app to track my phone location. Trigger a "near home" when within say 1 mile, then if the phone comes closer to 100 feet say within 10 minutes, that's my music trigger. (But even this here Mr. automation thinks this is waaay too much trouble).

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