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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by lynkynpark86, Jan 27, 2012.

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    I'm making an AI-based assistant for mac (*cough*siriknockoff*cough*), and I want to add as many features as possible. So far, it can tell you the time and/or date, remember your name, play songs in iTunes, and open applications. I can't think of much else to add. Since obviously I can't connect it to Wolfram Alpha, it will never be able to do half of what Siri does, but I want it to at least be worth downloading. So basically, if you were to download this, what features would you want it to have (things you can ask it about or tell it to do)?
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    Some suggestions off the top of my head:

    1. Take dictation into standard text editor program and/or insert the dictation at the current cursor position
    2. Some calendar integration - set an appointment for something
    3. Open a web browser and go to a url bookmark, or do a web search
    4. Show/hide the dashboard
    5. Activate expose, select a window/window set by program name

    Optionally, if you feel up to it, you can still do wolfram alpha searches by submitting a web request and then scrubbing/parsing the response for relevant data (or just show the results screen for an easier implementation). Not sure if the required effort would be worthwhile.
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    Why not make it open architecture? Set up a plugin interface so that you can add functionality to it without recompiling the whole app. Perhaps even publish the plugin interface so that anyone could write extensions.
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    sudo make me a sandwich.

    "Show me a random eks kay see dee."
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    for AI-assistant

    The AI-assistant ("Siri for Mac") is for sure the next step in interaction / interface with a Mac. I am looking for this ....

    I would suggest a couple of ideas:

    1. Search functionality

    eg "find Keynote presentation with xyz in the title"

    2. Phoning functionality

    e.g. call John Smith with Skype (find John Smith in Address Book, launch Skype, place call ....)

    More than happy to work with you on developing this idea, for implementation in my new R&D centre, where we might want "draw the chemical structure of para-xylene", "design a factorial experiment to investigate ... ", " plot the response surface of the results in spreadsheet xyx.xls".....

    Dr Trevor J. Hutley
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    For a phone functionality, it should link up to your iPhone and call. That would be sick. Emails, calendars, and that stuff will be cool. If the user makes a personal remark, make it respond like siri with a personality. I also think that maybe you can do like a concierge service... you tell it to reserve a restaurant, it phones it, and it actually tells a guy to reserve it for you. Or maybe there must be some other way for it to reserve. A bit far fetched, but if you fix errors like it not understanding, it can be cool. Trust me, it can do stuff like that, if you program a well-built concierge device, then maybe apple would even hire you to work with siri
    I would help you on this as well. I'm wit you!


    forget that, draw the chemical structure of 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine!
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    These are all great ideas, and I'll work on them, but for now, I'm writing it in python, so it might be tough for some of them.

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