Ideas of what to do with old Macs (68k)?


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Dec 31, 2004
Lima, Peru
Anyone have ideas of what to do with old Macs (pre Power PC)?

I for example have 2 LC575, 1 Quadra 605, 1 Performa 630CD, and even 2 Mac Plus.

The Performa 630 CD ihas Eudora Mail Server an ultra old version thats only worth for internal mail in my office since we send big files all day.

I would like to put one Mac Plus on display with a simple but nice presentation (kind of flash) in the reception, i think it would be cool, but i dont't know how the heck to do it...

Any more Ideas?


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Nov 24, 2002
Back when I was in college (1996~2000) we used to put JPGs in a folder along with this program and it would make instant slide shows. Just double-click on it and off you went.

... I cannot remember the name of the program now, though... :mad:

QuickView, maybe?


Jun 13, 2003
I know the problem is space to put them all, but I can't bear to part with my old machines. I dream of having my own computer lab where I can go from one mac to the other.... bliss

Seriously tho, I've seen pics on the net of fish tanked computers and it is very cool looking!
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