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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Surrat, Feb 16, 2015.

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    After running defrag on my Windows partition on my mac pro, I realized I didnt have a defrag for the Yosemite drive. I know many people claim defrag isnt needed for a mac, but I disagree with that, so went looking for mac defrag. I found iDefrag. It seems nice, I tried the demo. I was also curious about a PPC version, and emailed them to ask about it. I'll share the reply here:

    No, you wouldn’t need to buy seven copies. One would suffice, though we do ask that you don’t run more copies simultaneously than you have licenses.
    As for versions, we can’t guarantee that anything past version 2.0.5 will run on 10.5.8. Newer versions (including 2.2.8) might work, but also might very well not. It’s unlikely to be a case of disk corruption problems — it’s more likely that some features will simply fail to work (e.g. the reboot-and-defragment mode might not work, or the Create Boot Disk window might fail for some obscure reason).
    Version 5 certainly isn’t going to work on PowerPC machines — it doesn’t have any PowerPC code in it any more.
    As for getting back-versions, at the moment they’re available — once you’ve bought iDefrag — via the release notes link on the My Account page. I’m intending to maintain access to older versions for those who need it, but that might not be possible on day one of our new website when it finally arrives (in which case I could probably send copies by e-mail given the tiny number of people who want older versions).
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    Anyway, just wanted to share that for anybody that was curious.
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    You are entitled to your opinion, but "many people" choose to believe Apple, the maker of your computer and its operating system:

    Apple: Disk Defrag isn't needed for OS X
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    Os X does defrag itself only to a certain extent.

    But when doing backups with SuperDuper it defrags the files during export, because it copies one file after the other and not like it is spread over the disk. SuperDuper also says, they leave out to copy thing Apple recommend to not copy.
    I never did a clean install in 10 years, always played the backup back and with minor problems I have, I wonder, if it is SuperDupers fault.
    Also Apple says, you do not need to do a clean install from time to time. People here on the forum claim, that they do so every one or two years and it helps them to keep the Mac more responsive...
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    I Actually tend to agree. Although I never have done a defrag in my life (Even on Windows). I tend to take Apple's word with a grain of salt just like Microsoft's. I love OS X, but I don't at all believe it's at all as "secure" as it's bragged to be.

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