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  1. AppleSJ511606 macrumors member

    Aug 17, 2005
    SO iDemocracy 2.0 was released 3 days ago. It can do a bunch more stuff and looks amazing, better GUI, etc. etc.

    Whenever I need to connect my iPhone to my Windows PC wirelessly to access critical data on it, I need to use that PuTTY app or SSH in or whatever. Anyways when I get to this step I always fail, and the same thing happened with iDem. 1.x and I figured it was a bug of theirs and they'd have it fixed by now!

    Anyways I assume I have SOMETHING SOMEWHERE setup wrong. So I launch Idem. 2.0, click Media Manager, clear the "iPhone IP address" field in the bottom right corner, fill in it's IP address, click Patch the MeCCA button and a block box pops up with my iPhone's IP address followed by " -PuTTY"

    I then get the error "Network error - connection timed out". it's followed by a few more blackboxes that just sit there, don't scroll text, close themselves, or anything so I close them manually and I get a popup about how my iPhone should magically be rebooting. Well, obviously it never does.

    I DO have SSH installed (and turned ON in services), DHCP under wireless in my iPhone, BSD subsystem installed, and both my computer AND the iphone are connected to the network!!!!

    What could I be doing wrong? Does the Wireless need to be NOT protected (as in have WPA-protected wireless off?)? or what?? that's the only thing I could REMOTELY think of?

    Please send your suggestions!!!!
  2. Kuffdam macrumors newbie

    Nov 1, 2007
    I get exactly the same issue

    I have been trying to update my phone for ages now and thought this would be the easiest way to go.... but nope...

    can't get a damn thing to work

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