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    I'm signed up for iCloud and iTunes Match and I'm not having to have everything on my phone freeing up space. I've got a select few favourites on the device and some other tracks that I've listened to on occasions.

    For example, I've got an album on there that I played in the car when my parents were travelling with me. I don't need it on there anymore though.

    I'd like to create a playlist to see just the tracks that are actually on the phone, so that I can then remove the tracks I don't want.

    As it currently stands, I can only do this with my full music list, but this doesn't work easily because if I've downloaded one track from an album, the album still shows the cloud icon to say that there are tracks sitting in the cloud. If I forget that I've downloaded one track from this, I won't know its on my phone.

    I can create a playlist for 'on this computer' in iTunes, but I can't see how to do an equivalent playlist for my iPhone, is this possible?
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    I don't think you can do this specific to songs on the iPhone I'm afraid - As you've said, you can do this using iTunes (songs on this computer) but you can't specify 'songs on this iPhone'

    Although, you could change the settings in 'Music' to turn off 'Show all music' which will then ONLY show songs on your iPhone.

    You can then work your way through and delete them directly on the iPhone!
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    Mar 31, 2010
    Of course, I can't believe I forgot that there was that option, that's allowing me to see exactly what I was after.

    Many thanks RobLawton!


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